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How Our Sessions Work


We find out where you lag and listen to your unique issues by asking questions, analysing your skills and problems.


After discovering your problems, we create a simple and effective plan to make you the best. This personalised pattern is unique for everyone


In the implementation part, we apply the created plan and start working on your growth. This will be conducted with proper attention and various tips and techniques with solutions to your problems.


And so, finally, nothing is left but to improve with all the tried and tested tips & techniques to expand your communication skills and confidence. You can grow yourself into your dream self with personalised one to one sessions.

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Meet Pradeep Tokas

Pradeep Tokas is an enthusiastic and award-winning content creator in the domain of training and development. He has a huge base of inspired students on youtube with over 159k Subscribers. His kindness and amiability makes him stand out in the crowd. He is a Taekwondo champion, an exceptional Orator, an excellent soft skills trainer, and most importantly a great human being. He has trained thousands of people while delivering hundreds of online & in-person training sessions. He has more than 14 years of corporate experience and has worked with leading global brands like Adidas, SanDisk, Intel, Microsoft among many others.

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Honestly? Before I would miss all my sales. And I could never reach my sales target. But now, I have the confidence of selling even a typically useless thing to you! All with the help of Pradeep Tokas. Also, I am doing very well and I understood what I have been doing wrong all along.


My sales target has contrastingly increased after I took the one to one session with Mr Pradeep Tokas. He is my mentor and I can talk to people with a freer mind now. I have cracked many sales and was also the best salesman last year. All of this I owe to this session.

Aditi Chopra

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